Easy Maja Blanca con Yelo Recipe

Easy Maja Blanca con Yelo Recipe

Easy Maja Blanca Con Yelo Recipe

Summer is already here! Filipinos are known to be very resourceful and innovative so here's a proof to that. Beat the heat and make your own Maja Blanca con Yelo! Filipino delicacy with a twist to quench your thirst and share with your family and friends.

Ingredients: 1 Box of Maja Blanca Instant Mix, 1 can of Cream Corn, 1 can Evaporated Milk, 4 Cups of Water, Shoved Ice


1. Follow the instructions at the back of the box for Maja Blanca.
2. Prepare a container preferably a jar for the Maja Blanca con Yelo
3. Make 4-5 alternate layers of Maja Blanca and Shoved Ice onto the jar
4. Pour the Evaporated milk at the top.
5. Mix and Enjoy!

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I’ve never tried Maja Blanca con Yelo, but thanks to your recipe I will definitely try it with my family.

Adam Brown

Do you have a recipe that will work on blender?
Something like: blend some ice with coconut powder and water, then microwave a mix, put as toppings.
Something fast for single serving.

Ray Abad

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